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Ethical practice

We value honesty, integrity and ethical practice. We work with only those we believe to be working for the public good.

Social science research

When carrying out research, we adhere to:

Ethical conduct in research with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and communities: Guidelines for researchers and stakeholders 2018 provides clear information on six core values that need to be demonstrated in order for a research project to be approved by a Human Research Ethics Committee. The core values were developed in 2003 and reviewed in 2018 via public consultations and under direction of an expert committee with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership. The core values and their meanings are:

  1. Responsibility:
  • a core value in the lives of Aboriginal people, with all having a role in caring for Country, other people and spiritual connections, including researchers
  • ensuring researchers are accountable to Aboriginal individuals, families and communities
  • aiming for harmony between Aboriginal rights, the science of research, trust of the community for research and the agreed benefits of research.
  1. Reciprocity:
  • designing research so that Aboriginal communities define how the research will benefit them
  • benefits can be in information, opportunities or outcomes, to advance the interests of Aboriginal people.
  1. Respect:
  • self-awareness by researchers of how they impact on the research, to then try to see how their behaviour and research might impact on Aboriginal communities over time
  • developing trust of Aboriginal people for the researchers, and clear, mutual agreements about the research.
  1. Equity:
  • valuing Aboriginal people’s individual and collective knowledge, wisdom and resources
  • using these to bring about the fair distribution of benefit from Australia’s resources to achieve equity in health, legal, economic and social status of Aboriginal people.
  1. Cultural continuity:
  • focusing on the way Aboriginal culture is about the individual as well family and community, so, doing research that includes those perspectives
  • doing research to understand the distinctiveness of Aboriginal culture/s.
  1. Spirit and integrity:
  • respecting the ongoing connection between past, present and future generations, and carrying out the other five values listed above.

We seek approval from a Human Research Ethics Committee where appropriate, and from the Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council of NSW where appropriate. That latter organisation says it approves only research proposals that demonstrate:

  • net benefits for Aboriginal people and communities
  • Aboriginal community control of research
  • cultural sensitivity
  • reimbursement of costs
  • enhancing Aboriginal skills and knowledge.


When writing for publication, we adhere to the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) Journalist Code of Ethics.

Business ethics

We accept the principles of HealthShare NSW’s Statement of Business Ethics, accepting its principles and its CORE values, as expressed below.


  • We work in teams where we all contribute and share ideas and responsibilities
  • We form strong partnerships with customers to deliver a quality service
  • We are willing to learn and we welcome new ideas and ways of doing things
  • We support each other across the organisation
  • We get involved
  • We explore alternatives before acting


  • We have confidence in our work and are accountable for our actions
  • We share ideas and information within our teams and with our customers and partners
  • We communicate clearly and accurately
  • We listen to our customers and each other and we act on what we learn
  • We give and receive feedback constructively


  • We treat our customers, our workmates, clinicians and their patients with consideration and courtesy
  • We are inclusive and are proud of our cultural and social diversity
  • We create a safe place to work, both physically and emotionally
  • We demonstrate integrity in all we do
  • We resolve issues constructively
  • We show concern for the needs of others


  • We encourage and support our people to make independent decisions
  • We strive for innovation
  • We encourage and recognise achievement and performance
  • We recognise that our work is important
  • We help others to grow and develop
  • We pursue individual excellence and work hard to deliver the best possible service

We also accept the NSW Public Service Commission’s Behaving Ethically.

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